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Minor Surgery

At Moorhouse Medical Centre, you can see GPs with a special interest in skin conditions, minor skin surgery and specialised training in MoleMate dermoscopy. Services include assessment, diagnosis and treatment of various skin conditions.

These surgical procedures are available - please ask your doctor if a procedure is suitable for you. Your doctor will refer you to our in-house Minor Surgery Clinic which is held every Thursday.

  • MoleMate appointment - Full body skin check and dermoscope examination of two or more moles. Allow 30 minutes for this appointment.
  • DermMate appointment - Dermoscopic examination of a single mole. Takes only 15 minutes. If a particular mole is worrying you, this is an excellent option for having it checked so you can have peace of mind.
  • Skin Lesion Excisions (including mole removal)
  • Excision biopsy
  • Punch biopsy
  • Excision of sebaceous cysts and abscesses
  • Joint/Steroid Injection
  • Vasectomy
  • Keloid Scar Treatment
  • Toenail wedge resection (Ingrown toenail surgery)

Mole MateTM

Are you worried that sun exposure or sunburn has damaged your skin? Have you got some moles that need to be checked? The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Just like all the other major organs, your skin needs to be protected and cared for; this includes receiving skin health checks and advice from your GP.

Mole MateTM is the latest technological advance in dermoscopy. It uses a Siascope - dermal imaging equipment which enables the doctor to examine a skin lesion or mole in several high definition views and cross sections, to a depth of 2mm below the skin’s surface. It has proven to be highly effective in assisting doctors to detect and diagnose skin cancers and also to reassure patients whose moles and lesions are not suspicious. The use of Mole MateTM technology reduces the need for costly and time consuming skin excisions of harmless lesions.

Melanoma New Zealand has produced a useful guide: What to Expect of a Full Body Skin Check.

Skin Lesion Excisions (including mole removal)

The doctor will advise you about the best treatment options for skin lesions and moles.

For benign (harmless) lesions and moles, treatment options include cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen), biopsy or removal by excision - usually for cosmetic reasons.

For any suspicious or undetermined lesions or moles, a skin biopsy or excision is usually recommended, so that that a tissue sample can be taken and sent to a laboratory to check for the presence of skin cancer. Local anaesthetic is provided for skin excision procedures to minimise pain or discomfort.

Excision Biopsy

An excision biopsy is when the entire skin lesion is removed and subsequently sent to the laboratory for testing. The intention of an excision biopsy is to remove all suspicious cells of a lesion in the single procedure.

You will need a consultation with a doctor prior to any surgical procedure. Fees will apply. The Minor Surgery Clinic is located on the first floor at Moorhouse Medical Centre.