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Occupational Health Services & Medical Assessments

Our focus is to help businesses achieve maximum staff productivity and minimise costs by maintaining the health and well-being of their employees. We use industry best practice assessments or can customise a medical assessment for your business and employee roles.

Our Occupational Health & Medicals team can provide ACC reviews and GP second opinions where there are concerns about an employee's health, fitness and ability to work. Pre-employment and Employment Medicals may include spirometry (lung function testing) and audiometry (hearing testing). The medical may include standard urine test drug screening.

Occupational Health & Medicals

Insurance medicals

Insurance medicals are sometimes required for life insurance, trauma insurance or income replacement insurance, depending on your general health, age and risk. Exactly what is done as part of the insurance medical depends on the insurance company and the type of insurance you are looking for. A questionnaire will generally need to be completed. This would cover your health history and general lifestyle information, followed by a medical examination. The examination is likely to include a check of eyesight, hearing, blood pressure, heart and various other functions.