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Repeat Prescription Requests (Enrolled Patients Only)

Repeat prescriptions for some medications may be obtained without making an appointment at Moorhouse Medical Centre. However, this is at the doctor's discretion and is only available after discussion with your regular GP.

For your wellbeing, we do not provide repeat prescriptions unless you have been seen in the last six months.

One of our receptionists will call you once the prescription is ready, unless there are any issues, in which case one of our nurses will telephone you.

Please note that medico-legally this service must meet the same standard of practice as a face-to-face consultation. Medical records are always reviewed when prescribing.


Under 14 years old  Free
Over 14 years old


($19.00 with a Community Services Card)

2 working days' notice is required for repeat prescriptions without a consultation.  
Request must be made before 4.00pm. If made after 4.00pm, prescription service will take 3 working days.  
Payment is required at the time of pickup from Moorhouse Medical Centre.  


Request Prescription - enter your details below and submit

This request form is for the 2-working days prescription service only.

For urgent prescriptions, you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor. Please phone us on 365 7900.