COVID-19 Page



To keep our community as safe as possible from infection, we are constantly monitoring and implementing health authority guidelines. Although there are no COVID-19 community cases in Christchurch, we are still taking measures to protect patients and staff. 

For this reason, we have a nurse and/or greeter at the front door asking screening questions before patients enter the clinic. If you have relevant symptoms or your answers to any of the questions indicate that you may be a potential COVID-19 risk, you will be asked to stay outside the building and wait to be contacted by a nurse or doctor.

You can help us and others, by making sure you:

  • Bring your mobile phone with you - and a charger to charge your phone in your car
  • Have both windows in your car down when talking with one of our staff, and 
  • Wear your own maskUnder COVID-19 Delta Level 2, everyone is required to wear masks when they are inside public places. Some people are able to apply for exemptions in certain situations, e.g., children and young people, people with certain medical conditions and transport services staff. You can request a face covering exemption card from the Disabled Persons Assembly NZ by contracting 04 801 9100 or at Unless you have an exemption card, you will be required to wear a mask when you visit us.

Thank you for your patience and help in keeping you and our community safe.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Here are a couple of websites you might find useful:

CDB website

COVID-19 website